Rules of flats decoration

Apartment’s decoration differs significantly from decorating houses, primarily because the flats often do not have so much space, if you compare with newly constructed houses. Therefore, in the case of apartment’s decoration and design, it is very important to create a project that values the space. The apartment decoration, to be succeeded, also needs to follow the resident tastes, lifestyle, and their vision. But the most important factor to consider, is to have a correct use of the space, by using few important tricks, that will allow optical zoom room, and optimize the visual.


Mirrors and glazing

Is very important to have experience, to pursuing a decoration in small spaces, which often can be found in Polish houses, especially those from the communist period. In this case it is very common the use of large mirrors, the room seem much larger than they actually are. In the other hand, what reduces the room is the partitions, so you should position large glass doors, or replace this partition with such walls made of glass. A good idea for the bathroom decoration, is to construct  the shower with a completely transparent cabin.


Separate area

At the interior design is also very important to separate rooms, and individual zones. This is especially important for lofts and studios where the walls do not define the natural barriers between the various spheres. It is also very important this separation for salons at houses, or with living room, because sometimes this places has different functions in the same ambient, for example: Television room, kid’s space, reading space, and so on. Areas that should be well separated  in each apartment,  is the place for  preparing and eating meals, relaxation zone, sleeping area, working zone,  "public" zone- the place for receiving guests (very often they are together  with a relaxation zone or meals), Zone of hygiene and toilets and if possible storage area, where is deposited rarely used items. Depending on the designation of zones, the way to decorate will differs. It is also worth to consider, that for smaller rooms, you will also need a combination of some zones, which can have a very similar treatment.


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