Space, perspective and passion

Interior design and decoration is my passion, so I treat every project individually and with great commitment. Below you will find a comprehensive range of interiors and the various stages of cooperation. Prices and decoration depends on the room size and the degree of commitment which requires me to customer. The simplest design projects, you can order from 65 zł / m².

Individual offer

This type of offer is intended for private investors, as part of a deal with the whole arrangement of the house, apartment or individual rooms. We offer a personal project developed for individual requirements, among other things:

  • design and implementation of the arrangement of the house / apartment,

  • design and implementation arrangements of individual rooms,

  • design and implementation of small architecture (terrace, gazebos, facades, plot development)

  • Design and implementation arrangements garages, farm premises, dressing rooms and pantry - Within the decoration you can also percept an improvement in the storage and stacking of objects, so they do not use much space, and at the same time are more accessible.

Commercial offer

This type of offer is primarily to attend companies and business. You will find the interior design and decoration of entire corporate buildings, individual offices, and more. Here we list some of the possible commercial projects that could have an interior design improved:

  • offices,

  • halls and foyer,

  • hotel rooms,

  • restaurants and pubs,

  • confectioneries and cafes,

  • hairdressing and beauty salons,

  • salons customer service,

  • Boutiques and shops.


Special offer

In co-operation we offer you the possibility of a one-time consultation decorating, under which shall give guidance to the appearance of the room and the choice of accessories. The cost of the consultation is only 345 zł, in which I reach to the customer and jointly visit to the shops in order to buy accessories.


The course of cooperation


  1. Placing an order through the website or by phone (available in the Contact section).

  2. The first meeting would be in the place where the decoration would take part. During this meeting, I take pictures and discuss the general concept, we talk about your tastes and the effects that you would like to achieve.

  3. The next meeting is the time to sign a contract and to determine all the details related to project.

  4. Then I prepare a draft interior design and decoration project for acceptance. This project is present to the client, in order to check if meets its purpose.  If the project is accepted, than we issue an invoice for the first stage.

  5. Once the project is going through the arrangement. The time it takes for the decoration of the room depends on the size and type of interiors design.

  6. After gives you the final interior design project, we issue an invoice for the second phase of the work.

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